My fellow councilmembers elected me to serve as Mayor the last two years and to serve as Deputy Mayor the two year prior to that. I’m honored to have the trust of my fellow councilmembers and the public to help lead our city. I was first elected as the District 2 City Councilmember in 2011, was re-elected in 2015, and am now up for re-election for my third and final term.

I ran for public office in Puyallup to protect and enhance our wonderful family-friendly town.  I am dedicated to making Puyallup a great place to live, work, and play by ensuring a safe city, building community, promoting smart development and protecting our neighborhoods and town character.

I believe in a strong collaborative decision-making process for our city and I’m known for working together to get things done that benefit our community.    


I have lived in the Puyallup area for 30 years. My wife and I moved to our current Puyallup home in 1999 to raise our daughter who now attends WSU.  I grew up in Pullman, Washington and graduated from Pullman High School in 1980 and went to WSU and received a Bachelor’s in Science and minor in Economics in 1985. I was elected to the Student Council at WSU my senior year and was a professional rafting guide on Idaho’s Salmon River in the 1980s. I earned my Master’s in Public Administration at the UW’s Dan Evans School of Public Affairs in 1991.


I currently work for the Environmental Protection Agency in Seattle and am a regular commuter on the Sounder Train. I have worked for the agency for over 30 years in multiple programs and offices and am currently a Senior Policy Advisor. 

Prior Public Service

Prior to serving on the Council, I served on Puyallup’s Planning Commission from 2008-2011 and was elected Chair of the Commission for three years. I was a Puyallup Herald guest columnist in 2007 and was youth sports coach for fast-pitch and soccer.


My family and I enjoy the wonderful Puyallup events and attributes such as the Farmers Market, parades, the Fair, the Foothills Trail, fun runs, parks, dining out, and hanging out with friends.  We also love camping, boating, golfing and skiing in the area.