Dear Puyallup Friends and Neighbors;

It’s been an honor to serve the wonderful citizens of Puyallup.  We have accomplished some great things and there is more to do. 

Public safety has been a top priority for me and will continue to be so.  In recent years, we’ve re-vamped policies to get the best police officers and hired ten new officers, a great new police chief, a library guard, and a new park ranger.  These investments are already paying off with decreased crime rates.  This summer the police added a shift which will continue to enhance safety in our city. 

I’m proud to have led our efforts to make some wonderful investments in our parks and recreation facilities to meet the growing needs of our families starting with the Spray Park in Pioneer Park several years ago.  This year, we opened Van Lierop Park (phase 1) and are converting our grass Rec fields into an all-weather, year-around multi-sport complex.  Last year, we created the Puyallup Loop Trail – a true treasure in our backyard. 

I’ve been a promoter of economic development to strengthen our community, create local jobs, and provide housing for more people to live downtown.  Development in Puyallup has been strong, with many projects moving forward, such as the new Pioneer Crossing Safeway Center.  I have also been a strong defender of protecting the character and small town feel of Puyallup – such the City’s recent major court victory to fully consider and reduce traffic and other impacts of the proposed seven huge warehouses (in addition to the one being built) on the former daffodil fields and farmland near Shaw Road.      

The homeless segment associated with drugs and crime is a challenge, but we’ve made significant improvements and complaints have been reduced.  I’ve advocated for a two-prong approach.  First, we must protect our community.  Our police have taken a strong stand against illegal behaviors and camps.  Second, is getting these folks off the street and into treatment and support services.  We are piloting a program with the Salvation Army to do that, but we need to do more, including coordination with the County for new treatment facilities and housing.    

Lastly, it’s been an honor to be elected by my fellow councilmembers to serve as Mayor.  Puyallup is a wonderful community with so much to offer.  We are at our best when we work together to tackle our challenges and build a prosperous Puyallup.  I look forward to continuing to bring my consensus building, problem solving, non-partisan approach to serving you. 


John Palmer